What we do

CUREE is expert in evidence informed practice

CUREE’s core purpose is to translate large scale and technical research findings and resources into materials teachers and policy makers can use in their day-to-day work. We search regularly and comprehensively to find the most useful research, and constantly gather and use evidence about effective learning processes to inform and enhance teaching and learning.

What we do

High quality, research and evidence based:

Research reviews and syntheses

  • Making secondary research accessible and useable to practitioners by:
    • bringing together and summarising large scale academic research
    • sharing outcomes from practitioner-led research which is going on right now in classrooms across the country e.g. TRIPS, Research for Teachers and Inside Evidence

Interactive tools, protocols and resources

  • Translating large scale research into useful materials and tools that can be used by practitioners in their daily practice by:
    • Creating tasters to help you explore the research in your own environment
    • Creating support tools for groups engaged in action research
    • Producing web & paper based, user friendly summaries e.g. the route map or the petal diagram

Continuing Professional Development

  • Bringing evidence and capability to improve professional development through:
    • Being expert in the evidence about what really works in professional development e.g. EPPI summaries
    • Modeling good CPD practice at events where we work directly with practitioners and learn first hand about their issues and concerns in order to support them e.g. interactive keynotes
    • Working with schools and local authorities to explore how we can enable coaching to play a strong role in resolving local development issues
    • Creating and delivering development sessions which incorporate best practice use of research, specialist input, coaching, mentoring and professional learning
    • A suite of resources which build on the National Framework and are used by CPD leaders to develop mentoring and coaching capability – Effective Mentoring and Coaching Packs

Policy analysis & development

    • Conduct primary and secondary research to evaluate the effectiveness of government initiatives and build up a robust evidence base to inform the future policy development by
      • Conducting interviews either through face-to-face or by phone
      • Analysing existing literature and data
      • Gathering data through direct observation and contact such as focus groups
      • Collecting data through surveys and in-depth interviews
      • Developing case studies which provide detailed insight into practice in individual schools and colleges
      • Providing critical friendship and consultancy on interpretation of evidence E.g. CPD Providers Database Evaluation, QCDA Building the Evidence Base, Post-graduation Professional Development QA, NCSL Narrowing the Gap initiative.

"It is painful, continual, and difficult work; to be done by kindness and by watching; by warning, by precept, and by praise - but above all - by example." - John Ruskin